Catalonia, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the Roca Brothers present a phygital gastronomic experience at IMEX Frankfurt

Catalonia, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the Roca Brothers present a phygital gastronomic experience at IMEX Frankfurt


Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the Roca Brothers from Girona’s El Celler de Can Roca come together to create a gastronomic journey that breaks down all the barriers we know today. “Taste the technology” will be presented at Catalonia’s stand at IMEX Frankfurt and is part of “Feel the Technology” project, an initiative by Mobile World Capital Barcelona presented for the first time at MWC Barcelona 2023 where users were able to enjoy a unique experience to reflect on the impact of technology in the way we communicate, interact and perceive reality.

The Catalunya Convention Bureau invites each visitor to taste a chocolate bonbon with acid flavour (lime ganache and passion fruit) created by the Roca Brothers and their Bean-to-Bar chocolate factory Casa Cacao in a setting where digital and physical (phygital) reality converges. The latter marks the start of a digital journey, led by the master chocolatier of Celler de Can Roca (Damian Alsop), with virtual reality glasses that combines AR and VR. In total, 1,000 chocolates will be produced for this experience.

According to Francesc Fajula, CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona: “We brought the limits of technology further with a proposal that mixes the physical and digital worlds to produce new user experiences. We designed the experience for MWC Barcelona and now we are proud to share it internationally for the first time here in Frankfurt. Travelling through the flavours created by the best chefs in the world, the Roca Brothers, is now a reality that connects us to the latest technological trends”.

In the words of Jordi Roca, one of the 3 brothers in charge of the Celler de Can Roca: “Technology allows us to play in a new field in gastronomy. With virtual reality we can enrich the experience of tasting bonbons. All this while we are on a sensory journey halfway between the real and virtual worlds. It’s amazing!”

Narcís Ferrer, Director of the Catalan Tourist Board, emphasizes: “Catalonia has a thriving technology ecosystem and a strong focus on innovation, with numerous technology companies and startups based in the region. This provides a fertile ground for the development and integration of cutting-edge technologies into the MICE industry. ‘Taste the technology’ experience is a good example of this positive alliance between meeting tourism and technology.” According to Ferrer, “Business tourism is a market segment that brings visitors with high potential economic return for the country and interaction with the local businesses. In addition, it is a catalyst for new opportunities, which is the change we are looking for in the Catalan tourism model”.

The experience has been possible thanks to the support of Futura Space, a studio specialized in the conception and production of immersive environments, interactive experiences and innovative projects.

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