Dipneo opens a round via Capital Cell to raise 300,000 Euros

Dipneo opens a round via Capital Cell to raise 300,000 Euros

  • The investment campaign aims to raise capital to finalize the commercial prototype of a groundbreaking cardiopulmonary resuscitation device and begin regulatory procedures.
  • With a valuation of €2.4 million, Dipneo was established by Eurecat Technology Centre and Mobile World Capital Barcelona.
  • The new CPR system, patented by Eurecat, is expected to significantly impact out-of-hospital settings, hospital environments, and cardio-protected areas.

Dipneo, a start-up founded by the Eurecat Technology Centre and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, has initiated an investment round via Capital Cell, a crowdfunding platform specializing in biotechnology and health. The campaign seeks to raise €300,000 to accelerate the development of an innovative cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) device.

With a valuation of €2.4 million, Dipneo plans to use the funds to complete the commercial prototype and start the necessary regulatory procedures to bring the device to market. Unlike current airbag-based insufflators, this new device operates autonomously and hands-free.

The Dipneo device is based on a system patented by Eurecat, which allows autonomous air insufflation, making it suitable for both non-expert users and professionals.

According to Dipneo’s CEO, Xavier Castells, “Our goal is to launch the first version of the device by 2026,” with projected sales of €2.5 million in 2027.

Dipneo aims to complement Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), targeting a market valued at €4.2 billion, with an expected annual growth rate of 8.8%, says Dipneo’s CTO, biomedical engineer Julio Díaz.

Dipneo will impact various settings, including out-of-hospital emergencies, primary care centres, emergency rooms, transit rescues, and cardio-protected areas such as elderly residences, businesses, sports facilities, and municipal buildings, explains co-founder Ferran Soldevila, responsible for industrial technology valorisation at Eurecat.

Addressing a Critical Health Issue: Out-of-Hospital Cardiorespiratory Arrests

Out-of-hospital cardiorespiratory arrests affect approximately 700,000 people annually in Europe, with a survival rate of just 10%. CEO Xavier Castells notes, “Increasing the survival rate to 45% requires prompt and effective CPR.”

Based in Barcelona, Dipneo is led by Xavier Castells, CEO, who has extensive experience as a CFO and advisor in various companies and start-ups, and is an investor in the health sector; and Julio Díaz, CTO, a biomedical engineer with expertise in resuscitation devices. The team also includes a committee of experts featuring Dr. Marc Bausili, an anaesthesiology and resuscitation specialist and entrepreneur, and David Osorio, director of the medical emergencies area of the Red Cross in Catalonia.

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