Generalitat de Catalunya and MWCapital present an agreement to bring MWC closer to the citizens

Generalitat de Catalunya and MWCapital present an agreement to bring MWC closer to the citizens

  • This alliance, born with a willingness for continuity, will strengthen the bond between both organizations and project Catalonia to the world.
  • From June 14th to September 24th, an exhibition will be organised at Palau Robert to introduce citizens to the technological experiences presented during MWC24, highlighting the transformative role of the digital world.

Generalitat de Catalunya and Mobile World Capital Barcelona have presented today an agreement to share the legacy of MWC with all citizens. From June 14th to September 24th, at Palau Robert, visitors can explore the exhibition ‘Remember the future’ showcasing all the technological innovations featured in the latest edition of MWC Barcelona. Likewise, the exhibition will highlight the crucial sectors for the Catalan economy in the ongoing digital revolution, including health, mobility, energy and textile. Specifically, visitors will embark on a journey from the past to the future, illustrating the relationship between technology, innovation, and these key sectors.

During her speech, Vice-President of the Government, Laura Vilagrà Pons, emphasized that “Catalonia ranks among the top regions in Europe for receiving technological investment projects and stands as a prominent leader within Spain”. She added that “MWC helps us gain international positioning and contributes to the key role of our technological system”. In addition, she highlighted the exhibition’s impact on “providing detailed insights into the role of key sectors in the Catalan economy amid the current digital revolution”.

MWCapital’s CEO, Francesc Fajula de Quintana, expressed that “we aim to open the congress to the public in an informative and close way, enabling everyone to grasp the transformative role of the digital world”. Fajula concluded: “We’ve crafted a space for visitors to experience first-hand how technology is reshaping our lives and the opportunities it offers us across so diverse areas like health or energy”.

The event also featured a welcome message from the Secretary of Media and Dissemination of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Marc Bataller Serra, along with the screening of an informative video about the initiative.

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