Mobile World Capital Barcelona brings the innovation to Cruïlla with a sensory journey  

Mobile World Capital Barcelona brings the innovation to Cruïlla with a sensory journey  


Mobile World Capital Barcelona brings the innovation to Cruïlla with a sensory journey 

Mobile World Capital Barcelona in collaboration with Barcelona Music Lab, El Celler Can Roca and AirParfum, a Puig technology, brings a sensory journey of the digital city of Barcelona to the Cruïlla Festival in this new edition.

Attendees will be able to discover the latest technology through the senses with the initiative Feel the Technology, a personalised and gamified experience that showcases services based on disruptive technologies such as immersive reality, the metaverse and artificial intelligence.

One of the highlights of this journey through the metaverse is the immersive musical experience focused on their hearing, promoted by MWCapital and Barcelona Music Lab, together with Acciona, Eurecat and Damm. The proposal offers a musical experience for all five senses, recreating a concert at the Palau Sant Jordi and allowing visitors to experience it from the stage in an immersive way through Virtual Reality glasses. A clear example of how immersive experiences can be linked to new ways of enjoying concerts virtually.

It also features a unique olfactory experience created using AirParfum, a Puig technology. Through an olfactory map of Barcelona, designed in collaboration with a Puig master perfumer, participants can embark on a sensory journey through six iconic locations in the city: Park Güell, Santa Maria del Mar, Las Ramblas, Calle Petritxol, Barceloneta and Spotify Camp Nou. Each location has been meticulously recreated through expertly crafted aromas, transporting the audience from one place to another, without leaving the festival grounds, through a truly unique sensory experience.

In addition, thanks to Celler Can Roca and MWCapital, attendees were able to taste an innovative gastronomic experience that combines haute cuisine with the metaverse. Users tasted the exquisite chocolates made especially for this occasion by the Roca Brothers and Casa Cacao, in a scenario that fuses digital and physical (phygital) reality, providing a completely immersive gastronomic experience.

The proposal was initially presented at MWC Barcelona 2023, where users had the opportunity to enjoy an experience through the senses that allowed them to reflect on the impact of technology on the way we communicate, interact and perceive reality.

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