MWCapital brings together a hundred international experts to address the future of Deep Tech

MWCapital brings together a hundred international experts to address the future of Deep Tech

  • Mobile World Capital Barcelona has hosted the final summit of the Clean Energy Programme 2024, the European innovation program of the Deep Tech Alliance that promotes the application of Deep Tech technologies to generate Clean Energies
  • During the summit, examples of Deep Tech technologies applied to energy storage, biofuels, hydrogen production, or CO2 capture, among others, were exposed

A hundred corporations, investors and startups from all over Europe have participated in the Clean Energy Summit 24, the final event of the clean energy innovation program promoted by the Deep Tech Alliance. A top-level event held for the first time in Spain and organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The conference has brought together a hundred of the leading international experts in the Catalan capital to promote Clean Energies with state-of-the-art technologies.

The Clean Energy Summit 2024 programme aims to connect researchers and entrepreneurs who are developing innovations in the field of energy, with companies and funds that can provide the necessary capital to bring them to the market and society. This edition has presented projects from different European startups and scaleups that apply Deep Tech technologies focused on energy storage, biomass, biofuels, hydrogen production, solar, wind and wave energy, CO2 capture and smart grid, among others.

In addition to exploring business opportunities, the conference has also been the framework for discussing the potential impact of these technologies and for addressing the opportunities, risks and key factors when investing in start-ups in this sector.

Companies such as Acciona Energia, Repsol, ENI, CEPSA, Naturgy, A2A, Terna, RedZone; startups such as CarpeCarbon, RTDT, Octave Energy, Resilco, Supernode, Hyperthermics, Greendur and Jolt; investment funds such as Serpentines Ventures or Big Sur Ventures; and members of the DeepTech Alliance from all over Europe, including UnternehmenTUM, HelloTomorrow, Sting, IMEC, LUI, HightechXL, DTU Science Park, Polihub, Kongsberg Innovation and Beta-i.

The Deep Tech Alliance is a private non-profit association that brings together the main European entrepreneurship and technology transfer centres in the field of frontier technologies. The association has a reference institution in each country, which in Spain is the Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

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