The exhibition ‘Recorda el futur’ brings MWC innovations to the public 

The exhibition ‘Recorda el futur’ brings MWC innovations to the public 

  • From 20 June to 3 November, Palau Robert will host the first free exhibition which allows to see and test the technologies that were presented at the last edition of MWC Barcelona. 
  • The exhibition proposes different interactive experiences that can revolutionise four key sectors for Catalan industry: health, mobility, energy and textiles. 
  • The initiative is the result of the agreement between the Generalitat de Catalunya and Mobile World Capital Barcelona to transfer the legacy of the MWC to the public, and will be complemented by a programme of talks and informative activities. 

The exhibition ‘Recorda el futur’ (‘Remember the Future’), organised by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya, opened today at Palau Robert. This interactive and free exhibition will allow the public to see and try for the first time some of the technological innovations presented by MWCapital during the latest edition of MWC Barcelona. The exhibition, which can be visited from June 20 to November 3, is designed as a technological journey through time to learn about the leadership of Catalan industry and its role in the current digital revolution. 

In ‘Recorda el futur’ visitors can see originals of some of the historic inventions that have transformed the industry over the last century, experience an immersive sensory journey through the four great industrial revolutions (from mechanics to electricity, through digital, and AI) and participate in four gamified experiences to understand how technology and innovation are shaping the future of four leading sectors such as health, mobility, textiles and energy.  

The exhibition will be complemented by several talks and activities open to the public. An informative programme that will take place at Palau Robert throughout the next quarter and will focus on the more sustainable, resilient and humanistic use of technology. 

The initiative is the result of the agreement between the Generalitat de Catalunya and Mobile World Capital Barcelona to transfer the legacy of the MWC to the public. “For us it is essential that citizens have a first-hand experience and approach of the MWC. That is why this exhibition was born: we want to bring the most disruptive activities that MWCapital has presented to the public, and we do it in a spectacular location such as the one offered by Palau Robert“, said Francesc Fajula, CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona. In addition, Fajula stated that “experience is key in this proposal because we want it to be an interactive exhibition that encourages the participation of visitors, young and old, where technology is the excuse to talk about how our the economy and our society are changing”. 

The Vice President of the Government, Laura Vilagrà Pons, today inaugurated the exhibition ‘Recorda el futur’, where she explained that the exhibition was born with the desire for continuity and with the intention of strengthening alliances between the public and private sectors: “The past and the present show us that by working together we are stronger in the creation of digital solutions that generate economic and social impact“, she stated. 

Exhibition’s best experiences 

‘Recorda el futur’ is structured as a technological journey through time. The different spaces guide visitors from the past, to the present and the future, through a series of elements and activities that recreate the evolution of some of the sectors that have most promoted and transformed the industry and economy of Catalonia: health, mobility, textiles and energy. 

Iconic inventions that were a revolution 

In the first part of the tour, originals of some of last century’s revolutionary inventions are exhibited, where the context in which they were produced, their relevance and the changes they entailed at a social, economic and cultural level are explained. Historic pieces manufactured in Catalonia are also exhibited, such as one of the first integrated circuit boards (precursor of today’s microchips), a motorized loom, or a pioneering ammeter to measure the electric current or the radiator of a Hispano Suiza car. 

Immersive journey through the industrial revolutions 

Through Virtual Reality glasses, visitors can experience an immersive journey to learn how the great industrial revolutions have developed in Catalonia: from mechanics to the arrival of electricity, through digital explosion and projecting the future drawn by Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies. 

A 3D digital twin of our heart 

Generating ‘virtual models of the human body’ is one of the applications with the most potential in the field of health offered by the combination of AI and Supercomputing. In the exhibition, a laboratory is recreated with a simulator that, based on basic data and the pulse of each visitor, generates a 3D heart according to the profile of each user that beats with the same pulse. It is a simplified version of the ‘digital twin’ of this body that is being developed by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center through its spin-off ELEM Biotech, and which will serve to improve the detection and treatment of heart disease. 

Design custom fashion with AI 

MWCapital and Desigual present the first open fashion design laboratory based on Generative Artificial Intelligence. The experience allows visitors to design a personalized and unique garment by bringing together technology and fashion; a proposal that explores the future of the industry and that anticipates the new creative dynamics that we will see soon. 

‘Bidirectional’ charging and the future of home-generated energy 

Through an interactive model, MWCapital and Wallbox show the new sustainable energy supply modalities for homes and vehicles and anticipate one of the next advances in this field: bidirectional charging. A large interactive 3D model recreates what the home of the future will look like and allows visitors to explore the different energy flows and the possibilities to harness them more efficiently. 

Drive a hypercar simulator around Montjuïc 

MWCapital and Hispano Suiza bring to the exhibition the first simulator that allows the public to drive the 100% electric hypercar Carmen Boulogne; cutting-edge technology to simulate its 1,114 hp and its ultra-acceleration (from 0 to 100 Km/h in 2.6 seconds), with the added incentive of driving on a route that emulates the mythical Montjuïc urban circuit. An experience that brings us closer to the mobility of the future and that shows the great potential that Catalan innovation and R+D are imprinting on the electric car.

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