Towards a digital and sustainable future

Towards a digital and sustainable future

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Commitment to sustainability must be an unwavering commitment. We need to stand firm in this respect because sustainability can no longer simply be a plus, but must be a staple foundation to weave our future. To achieve this, we need to understand sustainability holistically, going beyond the traditional conception of green sustainability, to get closer to polychromatic sustainability as painted by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital transformation and the ESG criteria are a priority at a time of revolution like the current one because technology has the potential to be the driver of change we need today to ensure a more equitable, inclusive and responsible digital society. For this reason, we believe in a technology that is at the service of people and, consequently, allows us to generate a positive impact on society and the economy and, therefore, on the planet.

Faced with this scenario, we are accepting the challenge of working from Barcelona, with an international vision, to put people at the centre of the debate and, generated from the most pragmatic humanism, creating technological projects that transcend and are scalable. It is this way of understanding the world, and the future that awaits us, that allows us to establish a link between people, technology and planet and apply it to everything we do.

But we cannot do all this alone, this ambitious challenge has to be the result of collective work just like all the activity we’ve been doing at MWCapital for the last 12 years. Undoubtedly, our legacy has been and continues to be possible thanks to public-private collaboration and the large ecosystem that has allowed Barcelona to consolidate itself as a global benchmark in digitalisation. It is now everyone’s responsibility to go further and evolve towards a sustainable digital society that leaves no one behind.

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