We maximize MWC’s impact throughout the year

MWCapital seeks to grow the legacy of the MWC by transferring its benefits and opportunities to the business ecosystem and society as a whole, projecting the Barcelona ecosystem as an international benchmark.

Being the leading European venture builder

MWCapital has been committed for more than 7 years to bringing science closer to the market. Accompanying research, knowing the needs of the industry and generating new links between all the agents, to be a key piece in the ecosystem of technology transfer and the promotion of deep tech.

Facilitating the development of digital services

We generate projects linked to advanced communication networks and innovative digital services to address existing digital divides and respond to key needs for the development of society and the economy.

Incorporating sustainability as a transversal element

We understand sustainability as the basis and principle of any action we carry out, because it puts technology at the service of people – and not the other way around – and people, at the service of the planet. This way of working and understanding the relationship between people, technology and planet allows us to identify the “change makers”, the true vectors of change.

Impact & Legacy


Our mission is to promote the development of the digital ecosystem to position Barcelona as a global benchmark in the digital field, generating impact for the economy and society and expanding the legacy of MWC.

MWCapital’s activity is marked by clearly differentiated attributes shared by the entity and all its collaborators: transformative, open, close, experiential and creative.