The Mobile World Capital Barcelona Observatory is a space for analysis and reflection that consolidates the production of strategic knowledge and is committed to developing periodic reports on the impact of digitalisation on certain sectors of society and the economy.

MWCapital is willing to generate its own insights on strategic issues and create high value content for the development of society and the economy in the near future.

As such, topics such as digital talent, the potential of technology transfer and deep tech, the latest trends in digital services and advanced communications, or the link between humanism and technology, will stand as the key areas of knowledge that will be developed by MWCapital.

Furthermore, this commitment is accompanied by a duty to share information at all levels, through specialized groups and reaching out to citizens.

MWCapital compiles all the work of knowledge creation in this transversal Observatory that develops key reports of the previously mentioned trends and frequent analyses and reflections, as well as establishing synergies with other institutions at a global level. 

The Observatory proposes reports, guides, conclusions, whitepapers, or other appropriate formats to share the knowledge obtained in each project and distribute it to the public and different sectoral agents involved.   

We investigate the impact of technology on society

We identify emerging and relevant issues in the technological field that have a significant potential impact on society. This is achieved through consultation with experts, review of existing literature, and analysis of current trends.

A global vision and a cross-sectoral approach

It aims to empower policymakers and leaders to anticipate the

challenges and seize the opportunities of the digital age.

We work with international experts

We culminate diverse teams including experts in technology, social sciences, economics, and public policy. This ensures a holistic understanding of the topics.

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