At The Collider, we strongly believe that when scientific and entrepreneurial talent are united together, they generate a powerful impact on the marketplace and people’s lives.  That is why we team you up with the renowned researchers to bring your tech-based pioneering startups to life together.  

Check out some testimonials from our entrepreneurs:

Access to disruptive technologies

Take the opportunity to access unique scientific projects, led by prestigious universities and research centres, which have been previously validated by a team of experts as solutions with the potential to become profitable market opportunities.

Become a Deep-Tech startup founder

Lead the business ideation and validation process and get relevant equity in a new technological venture by teaming up with top scientist for 3 months, during which you will receive mentoring to build a cohesive and high performing team.

Be advised by accomplished experts and key opinion leaders

The programme residency includes access to an extensive community of mentors, coaches, industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs and legal specialists, who will help you to consolidate your business idea into a commercial opportunity.

Access to funding

On top of the in-kind services, teams are invited to a final Investment Committe at the end of the programme, for the opportunity to become part of The Collider’s portfolio an receive up to €50k as a participative loan for the company’s incorporation. You will also gain access to our network of investor and public support to boost your startup’s growth.

Become partner of MWCapital

Become part of the brand value and innovative ecosystem of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation.

Access to one of the top European Technological Hubs

Rollout your knowledge together with other prestigious entrepreneurs within a community of experienced deep tech founders.