Social Lab Project Manager. EXP. Nº 2024/13
Studies and Reports Management Technician. EXP. Nº 2024/10
Marketing & Communications Executive. EXP. Nº 2024/11
Head of the Observatory. EXP. Nº 2024/09
Social Lab Project Manager. EXP. Nº 2024/07
Digital Marketing Executive. EXP. Nº 2024/02
Tech Transfer Executive. EXP. Nº 2024/06
EU Project Manager. EXP. Nº 2024/03
Accountant. EXP. Nº 2024/05
Legal Associate. EXP. Nº 2024/01

Key Account Manager. EXP. Nº 21/2023
Events Executive. EXP. Nº 20/2023
Legal Associate. EXP. Nº 19/2023
HR Technician. EXP. Nº 18/2023