Launching “Àrees Digitals”‘ new strategy

Launching “Àrees Digitals”‘ new strategy

  • ‘Àrees Digitals’ is an initiative promoted by Generalitat de Catalunya, included in the Territorial Social and Digital Innovation Strategy, and which has the support of the i2CAT Foundation and Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya –within the framework of the new Territorial Social and Digital Innovation Strategy– and the i2CAT Foundation have presented the new ‘Àrees Digitals’ project strategy. This initiative aims to innovate from the territory by bringing it closer to the latest digital technologies.

The project transforms the so-called 5G Areas into spaces for the dissemination and territorial promotion of Advanced Digital Technologies (ADT), based on a methodology that relies on collaboration between actors and communities of the quadruple helix (administrations, academia, private sector and community) to generate new projects and investment in research and development throughout Catalonia.

With this evolution, 5G is understood as the spearhead of all advanced digital technologies. Therefore, the various pilots and projects developed within ‘Àrees Digitals’ will serve to advance both the application and deployment of these technologies (IoT, drones, AI, blockchain, etc.).

The event was attended by the Director General of Digital Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Liliana Arroyo; the Director of the i2CAT Foundation, Sergi Figuerola; and the CIO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Eduard Martín, who assessed the impacts of the pilots carried out so far and discuss the novelties of the project. Also present were all representatives and members of the institutions that make up ‘Àrees Digitals’.

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