MWCapital and Wallbox show how to achieve efficient consumption of renewable energy at home thanks to technological innovation

MWCapital and Wallbox show how to achieve efficient consumption of renewable energy at home thanks to technological innovation

  • Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Wallbox show new models of energy supply for homes and vehicles and anticipate the future of sustainable energy management.
  • The activity is part of ‘Remember the future’, MWCapital’s proposal at MWC Barcelona, which this year addresses reindustrialisation to show how technology and innovation are shaping the future of key industries.

MWCapital and Wallbox interactively show the efficient and sustainable management of energy by recreating the home of the future, where visitors will be able to see, thanks to a system of lights, the different energy flows, and the different possibilities it offers. 

The proposal, which can be seen at MWCapital’s stand, showcases an interactive 3D printing model that represents a home with the different elements involved in the energy system such as solar panels, house lights, household appliances, the car, and the Pulsar Plus electric charger, by Wallbox, all to scale. This house has lighting sectors that represent each of the energy management modalities, all of them connected to the Wallbox charger by means of LED strips on the walls and floor of the model, making the paths of the electricity flows evident for visitors.   

The experience was presented today at MWCapital’s stand with the presence of Wallbox’s Country Manager Iberia, Iván Tallón, and MWCapital’s CEO, Francesc Fajula.  

According to Tallón, “at Wallbox we have a clear vision: to accelerate the adoption of more efficient and sustainable technologies through innovation. Our goal is to transform the way we manage the energy we consume, not just in the field of electric mobility. The experience we presented with MWCapital exemplifies how we make the electric car a fundamental pillar of the energy transition. This involves both the drive for zero-emission mobility and the ability to supply the energy stored in your battery to a home.”  

For his part, Fajula stated that “technology is key to efficient energy management and to maximize the advantages of renewable energy and self-consumption”. In addition, he concludes that “it is necessary to simplify the complexity of energy management, especially to bring it closer to the reality of citizens, and what better way to do it than from an action as common as making popcorn.” 

Making popcorn with a car battery 

The experience promoted by MWCapital and Wallbox also anticipates one of the energy concepts of the future: bidirectional charging, that means the transfer of energy from home to vehicle and from vehicle to home. This is possible because a charger with bidirectional technology allows the electric vehicle to be powered with energy from renewable sources, such as solar panels. This energy is then stored in the car’s battery, which – with a bidirectional charger – will be able to supply a house for 3 or 4 days, depending on the capacity of the battery. This not only translates into savings for consumers but also into a much more sustainable mobility and energy management model, leading us towards a new paradigm in the way we consume and manage energy.​​ 

To showcase this versatility, the promoters of the experience have a popcorn machine connected to the battery of the electric car that is running continuously and offering popcorn to visitors. With the energy stored in its battery by a mid-range electric car, which is 70Kw and the bidirectional charging functionality of Wallbox (energy from car to home), this experience could be reproduced for 15 days without stopping making popcorn.  

The session concluded with a round table with the Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of Wallbox, Eduard Castañeda, the CIO of MWCapital, Eduard Martín, and the director of CITCEA-UPC, Daniel Montesinos, to talk about the future of sustainable energy management. During the session, topics such as the different possibilities of energy management were addressed, whether solar from the self-consumption solar panels of the simulated home, energy stored in the electric vehicle, or energy from the distribution network. 

A journey to the Barcelona of the future through industry 

This experience is part of ‘Remember the future’, MWCapital’s proposal that covers the past, present and future of the sectors that have transformed industry and the economy, and that have placed Barcelona as a global benchmark.    

At MWCapital’s booth at MWC Barcelona, users can see originals of some of the iconic inventions that have transformed the industry over the last century, experience an immersive sensory journey through the four great industrial revolutions (from mechanics to electricity, digital to AI), and participate in four gamified experiences to understand how technology and innovation are shaping the future of four countries. Cutting-edge sectors such as health, mobility, fashion and energy. All this, with a focus on a more sustainable, more resilient, and more human-centered technology.

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