A new edition of BEAT BARCELONA kicks off as the official afterwork space of MWC

A new edition of BEAT BARCELONA kicks off as the official afterwork space of MWC


For the third consecutive year, Barcelona City Council, GSMA and Mobile World Capital Barcelona are promoting BEAT BARCELONA, a space located in a 1,600 m2 open-air area in the interior gardens of Hall 8 that combines a range of content, gastronomy, art, music and networking.

Under the slogan “The place to be”, BEAT BARCELONA has been conceived as an official afterwork space of MWC Barcelona to connect with trends, innovation, and the business community of Barcelona in a more relaxed environment, transporting the rhythm of the city into the heart of MWC Barcelona 2024.

The space was inaugurated today in the presence of the CEO of GSMA Ltd., John Hoffman, the Deputy Mayor for Economy, Finance, Economic Promotion and Tourism of Barcelona City Council, Jordi Valls, and the CEO of MWCapital, Francesc Fajula, to highlight the value of the city’s digital assets and bring the congress closer to the public.

BEAT BARCELONA has three innovative ‘made in Barcelona’ proposals that will allow attendees to try out some of the latest technological proposals designed for emblematic spaces in the city. These experiences will serve as a demonstration of local activity in this area and, at the same time, as an entertainment proposal for visitors.

The space also has an Agora with a continuous content programme organised by Barcelona City Council and MWCapital, with a capacity for around 40 people. The most outstanding sessions will deal with topics such as public funding for startups, the future of healthcare technology, Barcelona Capital of the Chip, technological innovation in the America’s Cup, haute cuisine, observation and analysis systems for the city’s commerce and the Barcelona Sports Hub.

During the inauguration of the space, the Deputy Mayor Jordi Valls defined BEAT BARCELONA as “the spirit of the city” at the MWC, “a way of doing things that combine elements that define the character and personality of Barcelona: talent, professionalism and innovation, but also art, gastronomy and much more”.

“The value of the MWC is not only because of what is presented, but, especially, because of everything that is born here,” he added, and highlighted everything that will come out of an afterwork at the BEAT. “Barcelona is the best investment for any technology and innovation company,” he remarked.

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