Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Desigual create a fashion design lab with artificial intelligence

Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Desigual create a fashion design lab with artificial intelligence

  • Visitors will be able to create a personalized and unique fashion piece using generative artificial intelligence. Desigual is committed to innovation and already has this type of technology in its own design processes.
  • The activity is part of ‘Remember the future’, MWCapital’s proposal at MWC Barcelona, which this year addresses reindustrialisation to show how technology and innovation are shaping the future of key industries.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Desigual present the first open fashion design lab based on generative artificial intelligence. The experience allows visitors to design a personalized and unique piece of clothing by bringing together technology and fashion. The proposal aims to explore the future of the industry and anticipate the new creative dynamics that we will see in the near future.

In addition, MWCapital and Desigual are collaborating with the startup Fermat in this initiative to join the latest technological revolution and transform fashion.

The initiative was presented this morning with the presence of the founder and president of Desigual, Thomas Meyer, the director of operations of Desigual, Daniel Muñoz, and the CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Francesc Fajula, who reflected on the potential of generative artificial intelligence as a sector disruptor.

According to Meyer, “innovation and creativity are in our DNA and have allowed us to lead and be pioneers in the sector. Proof of this is this experience created with Mobile World Capital Barcelona through which we want to show the world how generative AI is already a fundamental tool in the fashion industry. At Desigual we are bringing the transformative spirit to all aspects of our business to remain relevant to current consumers and future generations.”

For his part, Fajula stated that “this experience allows us to bring the potential of artificial intelligence closer to the general public and to do so from a more everyday and creative perspective”. In addition, he stressed that “the intersection between fashion and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence is a reality that will allow us to transform the consumer experience from innovation in design or production”.

In recent years, Desigual has made a very significant commitment to technological development, with open innovation as a key element in the company’s growth plan. The fashion brand is using generative artificial intelligence to revolutionize many aspects of the business, creating the first collections designed with the help of this type of technology or using it to streamline marketing, improve the efficiency of logistics operations and offer new experiences to customers. 

Coinciding with the presentation of the experience, MWCapital has also organized a round table with the participation of Vitor Manuel Neves, Women’s Design Coordinator; Pol Baladas, CEO of Fermat; Jordi Álvarez, Head of Communication and Institutional Relations at the BAU school and Tomeu Sabater, Head of the Tech Lab at MWCapital, where the opportunities and challenges offered by artificial intelligence in the fashion sector were analysed.

During the round table, the speakers discuss topics such as the future of design and the role that generative artificial intelligence will play for young creators, new production models, research new ways to reach consumers and how to address sustainability, among other topics.

A journey to the Barcelona of the future through industry

This experience is part of ‘Remember the future’, MWCapital’s proposal that covers the past, present and future of the sectors that have transformed industry and the economy, and that have placed Barcelona as a global benchmark.  At MWCapital’s booth at MWC Barcelona, users can see originals of some of the iconic inventions that have transformed the industry over the last century, experience an immersive sensory journey through the four great industrial revolutions (from mechanics to electricity, digital to AI), and participate in four gamified experiences to understand how technology and innovation are shaping the future of four countries. Cutting-edge sectors such as health, mobility, fashion and energy. All this, with a focus on a more sustainable, more resilient and more human-centered technology.

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