MWCapital brings the best startups resulting from technology transfer to 4YFN for the first time

MWCapital brings the best startups resulting from technology transfer to 4YFN for the first time

  • The space of Mobile World Capital Barcelona within 4YFN will host nine Spanish startups and 12 spin-offs from European universities resulting from the work carried out under the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Tech to Market programme.
  • The startups in this edition will present the technological innovations they are developing in key sectors such as energy, industry 4.0, genomics, biotechnology, mobility, or nanotechnology.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona solidifies its position as the leading scientific Venture Builder in Europe and showcases the results of the work carried out under the EIC Tech to Market programme with around twenty startups participating in 4YFN. In this edition, MWCapital will bring together nine startups from The Collider programme and, as a new addition, twelve breakthrough technologies from the EIC Tech to Market programme, which we have supported alongside the European Innovation Council (EIC) and EurA AG.

These startups, originating from cutting-edge research centres and universities across Europe (Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, Greece, and the Netherlands), will have an exhibition space at the MWCapital stand in 4YFN. Throughout the congress, they will have the opportunity to showcase the innovations they have developed for sectors such as energy, Industry 4.0, genomics, biotechnology, mobility, or nanotechnology. Additionally, they will be able to present their projects and innovations in pitch sessions, participate in one-to-one meetings with investors, or attend sessions led by leading experts in technology transfer, development, or fundraising.

The startup ecosystem that MWCapital brings to 4YFN

Startups with exhibition space in 4YFN, six in MWCapital’s Startup Corner and another three, dedicated to health, in the Digital Health Area:

UniScool is a spin-off that has developed an innovative smart liquid cooling system for electronic devices. Its heat dissipation technology reduces consumption and improves the energy efficiency of data processing centres, photovoltaic panels, or electric vehicles.

NanoChronia has developed IoT nanosensors, made from high-performance materials like graphene and perovskite, enabling efficient and continuous monitoring of gas generation (hydrogen, ammonia, methane), thereby facilitating emissions reduction and risk detection.

SAALG Geomechanics develops digital systems for construction that improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Their Daarwin engineering software can connect and centralize all geotechnical data from a work site.

eRoots Analytics offers software solutions based on innovative algorithms, allowing for the analysis of electrical networks and energy generation systems to optimize their operation and make them more efficient.

Cooling Photonics has developed a ‘thermal dissipation tape’, an innovative material generated from nanotechnology, which improves the cooling of devices and electrical installations. This reduces energy consumption and makes them more efficient.

Greenward Partners is Spain’s first “ecological capital” company. Their technological platform channels and manages private investment to finance comprehensive energy renovation projects and the implementation of clean energy.

BeyondYou applies Artificial Intelligence to extract RNA’s genetic information from a person’s blood sample. Through its platform, medicians can learn in detail about the metabolic health of their patients, the state of their systems (renal, circulatory, etc.) and even their longevity.

Ephion Health is pioneering the use of AI to monitor the progress of patients with mobility issues. Through biomechanical and physiological sensors, their platform collects and analyzes different variables to determine their functional capacity and thus assess whether the treatment is effective.

Dipneo has developed an autonomous, hands-free, portable, and easy-to-use resuscitator that inflates air to the patient to facilitate resuscitation in cases of cardiac arrest.

Projects from research centres and European universities participating in the EIC Tech to Market programme, supported by MWCapital and EurA AG, showcasing their innovations at the MWCapital space within 4YFN:

SpiNNcloud (Germany) aims to “bridge the gap” between cloud AI and edge computing. SpiNNode, their supercomputing chip inspired by the neuronal communication system, enhances the processing and data transmission capacity of existing systems, enabling real-time AI applications in the cloud.

3PaTec (Germany) discovered how to fuse a female plant cell with two male cells to produce plant varieties with “three parents”. Thanks to this triple genetic recombination technology, they are developing new crops that are more resilient and adapted to climate change.

Cascatachuva (Portugal) has developed an innovative technology capable of converting ambient humidity into electricity. A system that represents a new source of sustainable energy generation.

Nanowings (Italy) is working on a nanometric coating that protects wind turbine blades from ice. A problem that, especially in low-temperature areas, critically affects the capacity of these mills to produce energy (with losses of up to 20%), as well as their durability.

Starlab (Spain) provides an electroencephalography-based solution for early detection of Parkinson’s disease. An easy-to-use technology, with a sensitivity of 83%, which allows for advancing the diagnosis of this disease to initiate treatment earlier, with a significant impact on patients’ health.

Asteasier (Italy) is capable of efficiently producing, thanks to its microalgae technology, different high-value biological elements for human and animal nutrition such as astaxanthin (a powerful natural antioxidant that improves immune response) or omega-3.

EndoSolve (Ireland) has developed She Sense, a precise and non-invasive test that allows for simpler, earlier, and low-cost diagnosis of patients with endometriosis, a benign but sometimes very painful and disabling disease that affects 10% of women of reproductive age.

SuperClean (Greece) is a project aimed at alleviating water scarcity through the use of new technologies. Their team has developed a superhydrophobic membrane capable of producing clean water through the distillation of industrial waste streams.

B5tec (Spain) is studying the use of organic materials that can substitute metals (lithium, cobalt) in battery production. Their product REDCAP is a more sustainable, non-toxic, safe, non-flammable, and low-cost energy storage solution.

Prisma (Italy/Spain) is an innovative, smaller, lighter, and smarter insulin pump. Thanks to its unique pumping mechanism and closed-loop control system, it enhances the quality of life for people with Type 1 Diabetes, while also enabling multi-hormonal therapy with the same device.

Xipscope (Spain) is a “pocket-sized” solution for analysing any food, beverage, biological material, or even soil or air. Thanks to its AI-driven microscopy technology, it instantly provides detailed information about its composition, quality, and other parameters.

TAONas-LUAD (Spain) is testing a new genomic therapy, based on oligonucleotide technology, to treat lung adenocarcinoma: an aggressive form of cancer, with a poor prognosis, and currently lacking targeted therapies for its treatment.

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