MWCapital presents ‘Remember the Future’, a journey to the Barcelona of the future

MWCapital presents ‘Remember the Future’, a journey to the Barcelona of the future

  • Visitors will be able to experience the creation of a prototype of a ‘digital twin’ of their heart, design personalised garments using Artificial Intelligence, make popcorn with the battery of an electric car or pilot the first simulator of a hypercar.
  • The space will host debates with experts on the technologies that are shaping the future in key sectors such as health (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), fashion (Desigual), energy (Wallbox) and automotive (Hispano Suiza).
  • The programme is part of ‘Remember the future’, the proposal that MWCapital is presenting this year at MWC that covers the past, present and future of the sectors that have transformed the industry and that have placed Barcelona as a global benchmark.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona presents at MWC Barcelona 2024 ‘Remember the future’, a gamified experience that invites visitors to learn about Barcelona’s technological leadership through a journey back in time from the past to the future of different sectors such as health, fashion, energy or automotive.                                   

At the foundation’s stand, users will be able to see originals of some of the most revolutionary inventions of the last century, experience an immersive journey through the four great industrial revolutions (from mechanics to electricity, through digital, to AI) and participate in four experiences to understand how technology and innovation are shaping the future of four leading sectors. In addition, MWCapital will host a dozen presentations and debates with experts about Artificial Intelligence, as well as the presentation of technological development programs at international and local levels. All this, with a focus on a more sustainable, more resilient, and more human-centered technology.

“Barcelona has always been synonymous with the future,” argues Francesc Fajula, CEO of MWCapital. In an environment of transformation such as the current one, “technology is the accelerator of advances that will change society and the economy as we understand them today. That is why we want to highlight the associated opportunities that it entails and the challenges that lie ahead of us to consolidate an equitable, fair and, therefore, more sustainable digital future,” concludes Fajula.

A journey to the Barcelona of the future through industry

To carry out this journey, MWCapital has established strategic alliances with leading companies and institutions in technological innovation in different key sectors. In collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), a prototype of a digital twin is presented to research health and personalize medicine, while Desigual is carrying out a fashion design laboratory based on Generative Artificial Intelligence in our stand. On the other hand, MWCapital and Wallbox exhibit efficient energy solutions for homes and vehicles, to publicize new energy models. In addition, MWCapital and Hispano Suiza present a virtual simulator for driving an electric hypercar, to bring the congressman closer to the future of the electric automotive industry.

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